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Douglasville Garage Door Spring Repair

Question: My garage door springs are broken! How can I get affordable repair or replacement of my springs, here in Douglasville, Georgia?

Answer: You CAN get safe and very affordable springs service; right here in town. Just call Douglasville Garage Door Repairs and tell us what you need!

For over 20 years, Garage Door Repairs of Douglasville, has been providing highest quality, safe garage door springs service to area homeowners. We offer 24-hour emergency springs assistance, flexible appointments, free estimates and affordable rates – all designed so that you can get your home's garage door springs back in operation, as soon as possible!

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Are you wondering how to tell if your garage door springs have failed, or are close to failing? See if any of these common broken spring indicators sound familiar:

  • You try and raise your garage door, but it suddenly fall back down.
  • When in the upright position, your garage door is lopsided.
  • You heard a loud pop or bang sound when you attempted to open your garage door.
  • Your garage door opener works just fine, but the door itself won't move either up, or down.

If you are currently experiencing any of these indicators, you have one, or both garage door springs damaged or broken. For fast, affordable and professional spring service that is done safely too, call on Garage Door Repairs in Douglasville at the number below.

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Here at Douglasville Garage Door Repair, we highly discourage homeowners from trying to fix their own garage door springs. This can be dangerous work, and it requires the proper tools, training and experience to do it safely, and correctly. We understand the need to save money, but every year, many well-meaning folks are injured in their own garages by accidents involving their own garage door springs.

Let our well-trained technicians do the actual spring service or replacement. Our very affordable rates will save you money, and we can do all the service work safely, expertly, and quickly too. Get the use of your garage door back again with Garage Door Repair Douglasville!

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