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Douglasville Garage Door Opener Installation

Is your home's garage door opener giving you headaches? Is it finally time to have it replaced, and a new unit installed? If so, Garage Door Repairs of Douglasville is the answer you are looking for. We offer safe and always professional installation of your new opener unit, affordable rates and the largest selection of new residential garage door openers, in the metro region.

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If your present opener has stopped working, or has been recalled by the manufacturer, you need a new opener model. Garage Door Repair in Douglasville offers the area's largest and best selection, including all four of the main opener types:

  • Chain drive opener models – widely used and very economical to purchase and operate. Their only drawback is that they can be noisy, due to the internal metal chain that operates the unit.
  • Belt drive opener models – these units are slightly more expensive to purchase, but operation is very quiet, because the internal chain has now been replaced with a belt system.
  • Screw drive opener models – these are all-weather models best suited for colder climates, and single garage doors.
  • Jackshaft opener models – wall-mounted units that can also be ordered with a secondary power source, in case of electrical outage.

Our helpful staff here at Garage Door Repair Douglasville will guide you through the selection process, and cover all of your garage door opener options with you.

Finally, our technicians will safely, and accurately install your new opener system, at a time that is best for you, and your schedule. All of the headaches and hassles of securing and installing a new garage door opener system are now gone. So go ahead and call Garage Door Repair Douglasville for more information, or to get an estimate. That's all you need to do, to get started!

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